The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy, Venture Launch.

We were blessed with an introduction from an existing client to a non-profit committed to delivering sustainable healthcare to rural West Africa. As the group’s reach and impact grew over the years, it needed a tech partner that would design and deliver a scalable, agile and user-friendly solution that would support its mission to provide quality, consistent, and data-driven healthcare across its networks of clinics.

The Solution

Envisioning a unique, impactful solution.

Our team continues to work in close partnership with leadership and their health ministry liaisons, assisting on the design and development of a solution that supports its overall digital strategy (some of us have even become active volunteers and board members!). With a focus on the unique nature of the technical requirements, the local infrastructure, and potential impact of this initiative, we are co-creating and implementing a highly collaborative solution that complements the group’s vision and the region’s needs.

The Elements

.NET MVC Development & Design, Biometrics Integration, Database Design & Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Strategy, Project Management, Branding, Philanthropy & Volunteer.