The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy, Venture Launch.

A well-established LA-based digital media company wanted to create a new revenue channel in order to diversify away from its primary reliance on advertisers and sponsorships. Their digital flagship had established itself as a global authority across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle verticals with millions of loyal followers around the world. The executive team wanted a model that would leverage its existing brand recognition, trust, and reach to bring a new experience to its readers and customers.

The Solution

Modeling a seasonal subscription platform.

Collaborating with executives across several departments, our team took the lead on nearly all aspects of the business model design, ecommerce development, and launch of its seasonal subscription platform – all while staying true to the company’s uniquely positioned brand and ethos. Since its launch, the platform has grown into a substantial revenue channel for the company and has become a leading model for all fashion, beauty and editorial brand extensions to fans across the globe.

The Elements

WooCommerce & WordPress Integration, Development & Design, Financial Analysis, Business Strategy, Process Design & Operations, Packaging Design, Customer Acquisition Strategy.