The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy.

One of our partners is an active director for an innovation advisory & research group that teams up with leading innovation professors to advise top executives from around the world on innovation frameworks and methodologies. This group conducts research on behalf of clients as well as delivers education events during which clients and professors engage in a collaborative exchange of ideas.

The Solution

Implementing brand & technology.

So, in addition to creating the group’s logo and brand identity and building their stand alone website, we needed to deliver the ability for them to market an event and sell its tickets online. So, we ultimately integrated an events ticketing and management application that not only provided the ability create multiple events, manage ticket sales, and collect ticketing revenue, but tracked and managed attendee lists, event scheduling and communications.

The Elements

WordPress Content Management (CMS) Implementation, Development & Design, Payments Integration, Database Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Strategy, Project Management, Branding, Maintenance & Support.