The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy.

A regional healthcare system’s objective was to allow its existing and potential patients an intuitive, user-friendly way to find and contact their primary care providers online. It was also important that the provider data and criteria be self-serviceable by the healthcare system’s staff.

The Solution

Extending with highly customized functions.

We implemented a CMS public site solution at the core, while heavily extending it to support primary care provider data and patient-to-provider matching functionality. Visitors could easily search for providers by location, or complete a simple, yet effective survey of criteria to find potential provider matches, view details and map office locations or submit appointment requests. Content, provider data, and match q&a criteria were all self-managed by the system’s staff.

The Elements

WordPress Content Management (CMS), Development & Design, UI/UX, Strategy, Project Management, Maintenance & Support.