The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy, Venture Launch.

Over the years, we’ve been lucky to be surrounded by creativity and entrepreneurship. Whether we are tapped as a sounding board or operating partner for new ventures, we help brands, makers and media companies explore new concepts and launch new lines and products. After working on several launches for others, our team decided to leverage our expertise and launch a stand alone “lab” to help clients turn ideas into new businesses.

The Solution

Creating a collaborative platform.

Our team developed a methodology and marketplace to support the likes of award-winning podcasters, tv personalities, fashion icons, brands, nonprofits and, most recently, artisans in Africa, sell directly to consumers and shape some long term strategies. This collaborative platform helps clients pilot new product lines, test new ideas, and innovate with us as a technical, product development, and “behind the scenes” operating & fulfillment partner.

The Elements

Magento Ecommerce Implementation, Development & Design, Payments & Shipping Integration, Database Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Financial Modeling & Forecasting, Branding & Packaging, Inventory & Fulfillment Management, Process Design & Operations, Packaging Design, Customer Acquisition Strategy, Customer Service.