The Situation

Community Outreach, Design & Development.

We are truly blessed to be such a close partner of The Yonkofa Project, a non-profit that has, for many years, built healthcare clinics and delivered much-needed medical supplies, support, and equipment to rural Ghana, and even beyond.

As its network of healthcare clinics grew from one to several throughout the entire region, the need presented itself, for a central digital space providing information about clinic locations, services, resources, and more. As Yonkofa increases the reach of its clinics, a single comprehensive online site is crucial in delivering useful public health information to people in communities surrounding each clinic (and to anyone else, anywhere).

With the current global COVID lockdown and restrictions, we felt this would be both an effective and fun way to help advance the network’s effectiveness from afar, since the pandemic has ensured we can’t be there in-person!

The Solution

Starting a network-wide website for clinics in Ghana.

With “usefulness and impact” always in our minds, we implemented a streamlined website that initially provides important information such as locations, services & resources, and answers to commonly-asked questions. As an ongoing collaboration with The Yonkofa Project and local health officials, this website initiative lays the foundation for further enhancements to both information and functionality covering insurance, administration, educational guidance, healthcare data, and much more.

One of the first upcoming updates will include providing information about local clinic health professionals and team members. Patients and their loved ones will have the opportunity to know and “meet” the staff even before a first visit to any clinic.

There is a lot more work to be done with this project, and with it, ongoing growth as an easily accessible and highly usable tool to connect clinics with communities, while reinforcing the strength of their bonds. (And this will also be a nice case study for a tech workshop provided through the library!)

The Elements

WordPress Content Management (CMS) Implementation, Development & Design, Database Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Strategy, Maintenance & Support, Philanthropy & Volunteer.