The Situation

Design & Development, Innovation & Strategy.

An entrepreneur and artist was looking to build a global marketplace that would connect artists and lovers of art. She wanted to make sure that it was not only easy for artists to upload, price and market their art through this marketplace, but that visitors and patrons of the arts could sort, save, select and even purchase fine art. She also wanted the site to learn from a patron’s likes to drive a recommendation engine that would constantly filter results to better match one’s preferences.

The Solution

Developing a customized web application.

We custom developed to specification, a dynamic gallery site that featured the ability for visitors to see an unending number of suggested works of art, based on their own preferences and actions in “loves” & “hides” as they interacted with any piece. Other features included artist applications & invitations, artwork submissions, social logins, art collection saving, detailed slideshow views, purchase inquiries, art sharing, payments, and admin management.

The Elements

PHP Development & Design, Payments Integration, Database Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Strategy, Project Management, Maintenance & Support.