The Situation

Community Outreach, Design & Development.

Our dear friends at The Yonkofa Project recently expanded their community outreach platform beyond building and delivering healthcare clinics in rural Ghana. Through the kindness of local officials and donors worldwide, Yonkofa was presented with the opportunity to build a community library in the country’s Western Region. Our team was fortunate enough to have been able to lend a helping hand in unpacking & cataloguing boxes of donated books, cleaning up the formerly vacant space, and helping set up the entire program (even designing the library cards!).

The Yonkofa Project is also working with local development groups to set up training & education programs that will be held in this new learning center. And once everything is up & running, the next exciting step is to make sure the word gets out!

The Solution

Creating a website with future goals in mind.

We wanted to ensure that the library’s existence and its future classes & announcements reach a wide audience. We knew that an online presence through its own website would be a great addition to the word-of-mouth attention the library was already receiving. So we got to work building a simple yet informative website to let the community know of its presence, location, objectives, rules (shhhhh), among other information. Most importantly, the site will be used as a central platform to announce classes and workshops that will be delivered by a consortium of volunteers over the coming years.

On an exciting parallel, we also created the site with the hope to someday use it as a real-world, hands-on project case and subject for a learning center workshop on website development & administration!

The Elements

WordPress Content Management (CMS) Implementation, Development & Design, Database Management, Server Administration, UI/UX, Strategy, Maintenance & Support, Philanthropy & Volunteer.